A Multifunction tool for all maritime first responders

Rescue a person in distress

cThe Mark 4 can deploy an 8,000 lbs breaking strain line 50 yards.

Strong enough to secure a vehicle in a torrent.

Start your rescue effort immediately on arriving at the scene without putting your people into harm's way. 

Pull a speeding boat off the plane

The "Boatstopper" is launcher in the path of a non-compliant vessel. It snares the lower unit, two drogues inflate and pull the vessel off the plane. An intermediate step before resorting to lethal force. 

Stop a personal watercraft

A field of  Cavitators are deployed in the path of personal water craft or other jet drive vessel. They are ingested into the drive , deform around the impeller where they cause cavitation resulting in a loss of power and maneuverability.

Deploy a 300' messenger line

Ideal for use in Replenishment at sea or to deploy a long rescue line. Fully reusable 1/8" line has 1,700lbs breaking strain.

Stun a hostile diver or disable a UUV

The Underwater Sound Generator (USG) is an underwater flash-bang that will disorientate and stun a hostile diver in a restricted waterway. 

The USG is capable of disabling enemy UUVs and self-propelled mines.

Stop a boat

The 15 yard entanglment net is deployed in the same manner as the Boatstopper but entangles the prop of the non-compliant vessel, normally resulting in a sheared prop shaft and a permanent stop.


Mark 4 launcher payloads: Life Line, Boat Stopper, messenger line, Cavitator jet drive disabler, Underwater Sound Generator and Entanglement Net.

The Mark 4 launcher can deploy a range of payloads including:
50 yard life line
Messenger line
Anti-swimmer grenade
Prop entanglement nets

Mark 4 Launcher


Schematic of the Mark 4 pneumatic launcher

The Mark 4 is a pneumatic launcher capable of deploying a variety of payloads for maritime security operatives.

Charged from a SCUBA tank, the on board HPA tank gives three shots.


A floating line is deployed in the path of a non-compliant vessel. The line catches the cavitation plate, two sea anchors inflate pulling the vessel off the plane.


Pull victims to safety without putting yourself into harm's way.

Self inflating Launch an 8,000lbs breaking strain line out 50 yards.

Auto inflating collar enhances visibility and helps keep victim afloat.

Underwater Sound Generator

An underwater flash-bang that disorientates enemy divers and disables hostile UUVs. 

Can be deployed out to 100 yards with the Mark 4 launcher.