Underwater security to defeat UUVs and divers

Maritime Arresting Technologies is the manufacturer of underwater security systems including the Stingray net. It is deployed in the path of a hostile UUV, underwater drone or diver at speeds of up to 20 knots.

The Nylon mono-filament mesh is invisible in the water making evasion almost impossible.

Tests carried out with Govt. agencies have been 100% successful.

The Stingray forms a barriers from sea surface to seabed.

UNDERWATER SOUND GENERATOR Defeat underwater drones and d

Disorientate divers

The underwater sound generator detonates at 20' creating a blast wave to disorientate divers and disrupt UUVs


An underwater Flash bang (Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD)

Activated by a water sensitive switch

Open ended steel body directs blast downwards

Nose cone includes water sensitive switch, electronics and igniter

Water enters via a tortuous path eliminating risk from spray or rain

Disable UUVs

Underwater sound generator, pull pin to arm system

Foam stabilizing tail cone at rear controls sink rate and orientation

Removable safety pin primes electrical firing circuit

Charge is Aluminium based flash powder

Can be hand thrown or launched up to 300' with a pneumatic launcher

License manufactured by Energy Technical Systems, Inc. Perry, Florida