Security barriers offering Prophalaytic Protection

Reasons to use a barrier :


• Identify a security zone

• Deter intruders

• Detect breach of a security zone 

• Determine intent 

• Delay until forces arrive

Closing off an 800ft dock in 6 minutes with only 3 people. 

We are currently developing a fully automated system.

Rapidly deployable reel mounted barriers

Maritime Arresting Technologies security barriers are reel mounted to allow rapid deployment and retrieval. Deployment rates are 100' per minute.

When not in use they take up one parking space.

Floating fences and security booms are security systems that keep you maritime assets safe.

Entaglement Nets

A three strand entanglement net streaming off a powered storage reel.

Three strands of entanglement net snare non-compliant vessels by entangling the running gear. The system is highly visible with floats every 3'.

High strength UHMWPE rope ensures that even high powered vessels are stopped.

Floating Fences

A 4' floating fence providing a clear line of demarcation as well as being capable of stopping high speed hostile boats.

Floating fences consist of high strength mesh panels supported between self-righting floating poles. Available in a range of heights from 3' to 10'. The 30,000lbs breaking strain ropes used in construction combined with the compliant nature of the fences  provides considerable stopping ability of all vessels