Maritime Security Solutions

Prophylactic protection

A 4' floating fence .

Our barriers are designed to: Identify a security zone,

Deter intruders, 

Detect a breach of security, Determine intent, 


The barriers are reel mounted for ease of deployment and retrieval. They come in two varieties, one is a series of entanglement nets the other is a floating fence, available in heights of 3' to 5' above water level.


Tactical systems

Launching a lifeline with the Mark 4 launcher within seconds of arriving on the scene. The 6,000lbs breaking strain line will secure any vessel or vehicle in trouble.

Our tactical systems are built around our Mark 4 pneumatic launcher. 

The payloads include :

A lifeline with an auto-inflating collar. 

A boat arresting line that can pull a boat off the plane.

A jet drive disabler, 

An underwater flash bang. 

A 100 yard long messenger line. 


Counter UUV

Stingray Counter UUV interceptor net. A non-lethal means to capture underwater threats in ports and harbours.

The Stingray counter UUV net. 

It is a rapidly deployable net that forms a barrier from sea surface to seabed and captures hostile divers and UUVs.

Deployable by any boat based first responder. Provides a counter terror barrier for enhanced maritime security.